Person-Directed Memory Care

At ClarkLindsey, we are always striving to give our residents the very best care. In our innovative memory care program, our team members make sure that every resident knows they are valued and respected. Memory care is about meeting their unique needs, whatever they may be, not about making them conform to a schedule or routine. ClarkLindsey is dedicated to being a relationship-based community where every resident, regardless of their individual circumstances, is included in every aspect of community life.

aid with resident

The Green House Homes

At ClarkLindsey, memory care is offered through our innovative Green House Homes, a different type of care with a family atmosphere, where reside. The homes are single-story houses where only 12 residents live each with their own private bedrooms and bathrooms. Care is designed to look and feel like it’s being delivered in a real home. The small home model nurtures identity, connectiveness, growth and joy.

rendering of new expansion

Memory Care Expansion Coming Soon

ClarkLindsey is excited to announce that we have begun construction on a new assisted living building that will include 26 memory care suites, twice what we currently offer.