What is atHome with ClarkLindsey? 

Many of us want to age in our own homes. AtHome with ClarkLindsey was founded in 2019 to support older adults in Champaign County stay as safe and healthy as possible in their own homes. AtHome offers home support in the traditional sense and through an innovative approach called “Caresharing” that provides opportunity for enhanced privacy and independence compared to traditional home support services. AtHome also offers home nursing services to ensure all of your medical needs can be supported in-home as well.

The atHome care service with ClarkLindsey offers seniors the opportunity to live as safely and healthily as possible while living at home.  Discover how our innovative home senior care service can allow you to live a more enriching and fulfilling life. Call us today to learn more! 217-356-1111 

List of Home Senior Care Services Offered at ClarkLindsey

Home Nursing 

  • Medication management (medication delivery & set up) 
  • Nursing assessments 
  • Advocacy with healthcare providers 
  • In-home lab collection 
  • Phlebotomy  
  • IV Infusions and injections 
  • G-tube and ostomy care 
  • Wound care 

Home Support  

  • Daytime and overnight support available up to 24/7 
  • Bathing and toileting assistance 
  • Dressing assistance  
  • Companionship 
  • Light housekeeping & laundry 
  • Meal preparation 
  • Medication reminders 
  • Periodic wellness checks 
  • Transportation 
  • Running errands with you or for you 
  • Accompanying to medical appointments  
  • Supervision for safety  
  • Transportation coordination 
  • Other services identified by clients 

Home Support Options: 

  • Traditional: 3+ hour blocks of care. Available up to 24 hours/day.  
  • Caresharing: short ~15-45min visits to complete necessary care or household tasks. Available 7 days/week, 6am-11pm. 
  • Hybrid: a combination of Traditional hours and Caresharing visits to best meet your needs 

A Glimpse Into atHome Senior Care Services at ClarkLindsey

Explore our gallery of photos showing senior adults receiving home care services near Urbana, Illinois. These home care services include nursing care, light housekeeping assistance, as well as convenient grocery and medication delivery options. Get a glimpse into the kind of home senior care services you can expect at ClarkLindsey. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the offerings at ClarkLindsey, contact us at 217-356-111 for a free in-home consultation about our senior care services available to older adults living in or near Urbana, Illinois.

Director Sarah Cook at ClarkLindsey speaks to two older women about the home senior care services offered.

What Sets ClarkLindsey’s Home Senior Care Services Apart?

Customized Home Care Services Near Urbana, Illinois

As a senior who opts for the home senior care services offered at ClarkLindsey, you will have access to a full roster of customized  services that are catered to your specific needs and preferences. In the beginning, we will conduct an initial assessment to determine your unique needs. We will set up a comprehensive care plan that will help you regain your mobility and achieve optimal physical and emotional health.

Step by step, we will partner with you to help you achieve holistic well-being so you can live life to the fullest.

A Model of Excellence and Care

atHome with ClarkLindsey leads the way in home senior care by providing “Caresharing” services. Unlike traditional home senior care services, we empower you to be in control of your life. We don’t just offer a basic bread-and-butter care plan, but one that is truly tailored to fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Because we understand that every senior adult is different with varying needs and preferences, our customized and innovative care plan allows you to redesign your retirement years to live life the way you have always envisioned.

Expert and Trained Team Paving the Way in Home Senior Care Services

We are a team of licensed and certified physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and dietary specialists. Together, we work to help you achieve optimal wellness in the comfort and security of your Urbana, Illinois home.

Our Team: 

The atHome team is comprised of hand-selected, thoroughly trained Care Professionals, led by Director Sarah Cook, LCSW. If you are interested in joining our team, you can find job openings here. 

Are Home Senior Care Services Right for You?

In-home care services are ideal for senior adults aged 55 and older who can live independently but require some assistance with daily needs, such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, medication management,  hygiene, and grooming. For seniors who may be homebound, we can deliver groceries and medication right to your front door for your convenience.  

Need to go out to the bank, store, or hospital? We can arrange transportation. If you choose, we will accompany you for emotional support and safety.

In case your needs were to ever change, we offer comprehensive at-home nursing care services for seniors. Our team of qualified and certified nurses will perform extensive assessments and other monitoring as needed. For example, our nursing team can do IV infusions and injections,  perform G-tube and ostomy care, and even advocate on your behalf with healthcare and insurance providers. 

Our atHome care services are available during all hours of the day and night for seniors residing in the Urbana, Illinois area.

Ready to Find Your Path to Independence?

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